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Employee Complaint Letter against Forced Resignation

A forced resignation is when an employee resigns under the pressure from his seniors. It may happen under different circumstances viz. employee's poor performance, bad behaviour, etc.

complaint against resignation letter
A forced resignation is an involuntary action by an employee. Such a resignation can be proved as a termination from the job. Although the chances of getting back the job is quite less even if the employee files a lawsuit, yet the employee can demand the pending salary amount, the notice period compensation amount.

Hereunder is an example of a complaint letter by an employee to the higher authority in the company against his forced resignation.


Your Name
Mob. ________


Name of the Person
Name of the Company
Office Address

RE: My involuntary resignation.


I have been working as a (Designation) in the ________ Department of (Name of the Company) since (Month, Year).

I have been giving my best efforts to perform well in my role and achieve the given targets. However, things have been tough at certain times.

On (Date), I received a call from the HR department for a meeting at ___p.m. in the company meeting hall. I attended the meeting on time where my reporting officer Mr. (Name) and the HR manager were present. They told me that my performance was not satisfactory. They insisted that I must resign because of this reason.

I explained to them in detail the reason behind my low performance. I also told them that I am working harder every day to achieve my targets. I requested them to give me some time so that I can improve my performance. As this was my first meeting on resignation, I requested them that I should be given some time. However, they refused to hear me out.

They insisted that I must sign my resignation letter immediately on a blank paper. When I asked them to give me a day to think about it, and allow me to talk to my parents about it, they did not allow. I was pressurized and harassed to such an extent during the meeting that I had no other option but to write a resignation letter.

I humbly appeal to you that either my resignation be rejected or I shall be allowed to withdraw my resignation. Further, please allow me two-three months' time to improve my performance. I commit to you that I will work harder to better myself and work towards achieving goals for the company.

Thank you for your valuable time in considering this.

Name of the Employee
Employee code: _____