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Complaint Letter to a Taxi Company against a Cab Driver

Experiencing discourteous conduct from a taxi driver can result in increased levels of stress and unease, ultimately influencing the overall quality of the journey.

complaint against a taxi driver letter
Occurrences of unprofessional demeanor have the potential to tarnish the image of the taxi service provider, resulting in unfavorable feedback and a decline in trust from passengers.

Here are examples of complaint letters to the taxi services company against their irresponsible drivers.


Name of the Taxi Company
Office Address

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing to convey my dissatisfaction regarding the late-night taxi service offered by your company.

On the (Date), my car was undergoing maintenance, prompting me to utilize your transportation services. I believed that your cab services were known for their reliability and affordability.

However, upon entering the cab, I was taken aback. Firstly, it was a compact car priced as a full-sized sedan. The interior was poorly maintained, the car lock was malfunctioning, the seat was stained, and the driver was uncooperative.

Regrettably, these issues caused me to arrive at my destination late. Therefore, I suggest providing soft skills training for your drivers. Additionally, each taxi should be equipped with a feedback form to help identify and address any problems.

I anticipate your prompt response.

Name of the Person

Date: _________


Dear Sir,

I am writing to formally express my dissatisfaction and file a complaint regarding the taxi service provided by your company.

During a recent business trip to Pune on April 18, 2024, I rented one of your taxis. While the cab itself was in good condition and equipped with all necessary features, I encountered several issues due to the driver's negligence.

Firstly, the driver failed to arrive at the airport on time for my pickup, resulting in me having to arrange alternative transportation to my hotel. Secondly, while traveling to different places, the driver was rough-driving the cab, playing the music loudly, chewing tobacco all the time, and talking over the phone several times while driving.

I did not anticipate such poor and unacceptable service from a reputed taxi company. In order to rectify this situation, I kindly request a refund of my money or a complimentary service on my next trip to Pune.

I trust that you will take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and satisfactory journey for all your customers.