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Letter Acknowledging Employee Complaint (Templates)

The concerns raised and complaints filed by employees should be treated with utmost seriousness by their employers. It is imperative for employers to handle grievances promptly and in a professional manner, as these complaints have the potential to expose underlying issues that may affect an organization's profitability.

employee complaint acknowledgement email
The key to a successful and efficient complaint process lies in having strong leaders who are receptive and open-minded. Managers should make it a priority to gather comprehensive information when dealing with complaints.

Here are examples of how an employer can respond to an employee complaint letter.

(responding to an employee complaint email)

Dear [Name],

Thank you for your letter/email dated ________.

Allow me to acknowledge the receipt of your complaint and assure you that I am presently investigating the matter. Rest assured, I will adhere to the complaints redressal procedure established by the senior management of our institution and provide a response within 30 working days as prescribed.

Yours sincerely,
[Name], [Title]

Enclosure: Complaints Redressal Procedure.

(employee complaint acknowledgement and appointment of investigators)


[Name of the Employee]

Dear (Firstname),

RE: Your grievance.

I would like to acknowledge the receipt of your complaint dated [date] regarding [details]. After a meticulous review, it has been concluded that the formal grievance process as per our organization policy is the appropriate avenue to address this complaint.

In order to investigate your grievance, I have appointed [Name of the Person], [Designation], and [Name of the Person], [Designation]. They will be contacting you soon to coordinate an interview. Their duties will also involve conducting interviews with any potential witnesses and preparing a comprehensive investigation report based on the information gathered.

It is imperative that you uphold the confidentiality of the investigation and refrain from discussing it with anyone other than the parties involved. Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in disciplinary measures being taken.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,
[Name of the Officer]
[Name of the Department]

(how to respond to an employee complaint about another employee)

Name of the Employee
Name of the Department
Name of the Organization

Dear (Name),

We would like to acknowledge the receipt of your complaint concerning an employee within the Sales Department of our organization. Further, be informed that an investigation has been initiated in this matter by the Grievance Redressal team.

The investigation process usually takes between three to five weeks to be completed. In cases of higher complexity, it may extend to nine weeks or beyond. You will receive notification once the investigation is finalized.

We appreciate you raising this concern, and we are eager to provide you with the outcome of our investigation.

Name of the Officer

(workplace harassment complaint response letter)

Name of the Officer
Name of the Organization

Name of the Employee
Communication Address

Subj.: Your complaint regarding harassment at the workplace.

Dear Name,

We, at (Organization Name), prioritize maintaining a harassment-free workplace and treat complaints, including the one we have received from you, with utmost seriousness. I would like to inform you that we have initiated an immediate investigation into your complaint, and the relevant executives within the organization have been duly informed about the matter.

Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere for our employees to work in. Be confident that should our investigation uncover any harassment, we will respond appropriately.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time during this investigation, and I will do my best to provide you with the information you need.

Yours faithfully,
Name of the Officer

Dated _________