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Sample Compliment Letter to the Teacher from the Parents

Thanking a teacher can greatly encourage him to do better in his work, which will ultimately benefit the students who get their education from hardworking teachers.

compliment letter to teacher from parent
Parents can send an email or a short letter to the teacher to whom they want to compliment. You should sound very cordial with your words. You do not have to write a very lengthy letter, which may sound boring. A short and thankful letter would be enough to serve the purpose.

Here are examples of such compliment letters from parents to teachers.


Dear Mr. (Name),

I am the mother of (Name of the Student) in Class ____. I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for your meticulous teaching skills that you use in imparting education and your continuous guidance that helped our child in understanding the subjects fundamentally better.

Your dedication to teaching and students' upbringing is clearly visible in your work. Your constant encouragement and belief in our child helped him/her gain confidence in studies. He/She greatly appreciates you.

Thank you for being a phenomenal teacher. We are forever grateful to you.

Best regards,
(Name of the Parent)


Dear Ms. (Name),

I am the father of (Name of the Student) in Class ____. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you and express my deepest gratitude for your hardwork and dedication to the teaching field.

Our child and if I may speak for the other children as well have greatly benefited from your support and guidance during school hours. As my child mentions, his fundamental knowledge on the subject is much better now and his confidence level has also gone up because of your constant encouraging efforts.

We are so grateful to you. Thank you.

Warm regards,
(Name of the Parent)


Dear Mrs. (Name),

I am the father/mother of (Name of the Student) in Class ____. I wanted to thank you for your hardwork, dedication and innovative approach in teaching to the children.

Our child has done well in the recent exams. We are impressed by his progress. It has been possible because of teachers like you who put their heart and soul into their work.

Your love for learning and passion for teaching are clearly visible in your work. We are grateful to you for being a positive influence in our child's life. His excitement to go to school and attend your class says it all.

Thank you for all the extra efforts you put in your work just to make the students' lives better.

(Name of the Parent)


Dear Mr. (Name),

We are the parents of (Name of the Student) in Class ___. We are quite saddened to learn that you will be leaving the school soon. You were a great influence on the students.

Our child loved you and your method of teaching. He often talked about how you constantly guided and supported the students in their studies and with their low confidence issues.

Your kindness, dedication and patience in your work have made a significant impact in the lives of the students, which I am sure they would remember throughout their lifetime.

We are truly grateful to you. Thank you for being an outstanding teacher.

(Name of the Parent)

heart touching message for teachers from parents