Sample Reference Letter From Employer For Opening Bank Account

When you are applying for opening of a new bank account, your banker may insist on for one or more "introductory reference" from either an existing account holder of that bank or from a reputed person or a letter of reference from your employer.

If you are in good terms with your employer, it will be easier for you to get such reference letter. Hence, you may request your employer to provide a letter/certificate in this regard.

Please remember to make sure that your personal details are mentioned accurately in the letter. Personal details viz. name, address, date of birth, etc.

Request Letter For Transfer Of Job Location (Due To Marriage, Pregnancy, Illness, etc.)

Job relocation becomes a matter of necessity under many a circumstances. You may want to shift /get transferred to another branch office of the same Company, which will benefit you in some ways viz. solving a family issue, saving money, etc. Hence, you have to kindly request to your superior officer/boss by writing a letter/email and also by requesting him orally in personal meeting.

Warning Letter To Employee (Different Reasons) - Templates/Drafts

Many a times, the employees act irresponsibly either inside the premises of the organization or outside while on duty. This affects the overall performance of the organization and even sometimes becomes the reason for spoiling its name and goodwill in the market. In order to control these situations and discourage the employee from any such incident in the future, warning letters are issued to the employee.

Request Letter For Salary Increase (Pay Raise) To Boss/Employer - Sample/Draft

When you are expecting a pay raise in your job, either because the salary increment time is past due already or you are working very hard at the job but it's not paying up well or for other reasons, then you can request your boss or the appropriate officer in your organization for a hike in your pay scale.

The letter should be drafted in a way that genuine reasons must come to the notice of the employer that you deserve a pay raise. The letter should be worded kindly but never too demanding that it will unnecessarily irritate the employer. Please keep this in mind while describing the reasons in the letter.

The following format can be used for writing such letter. You can add additional details about your performance and justification for increase.

Work/Job Experience Letter/Certificate From Company - Template

A 'job experience certificate' can be very useful while applying for a new job. It is always advisable to insist on to your employer for providing an experience letter (with no negative remarks as far as possible) while leaving a job.

The experience letter generally contains the information on the job details with the company viz. designation, department, tenure of job, latest salary, key responsibilities, major achievements, etc.

In general practice, most of the experience letters contain details like designation, department and tenure of job. Other details like latest salary, key responsibilities, major achievements, etc are not usually mentioned in the letters. Sometimes only those details are put in the letter, which are requested by employee.

Address Proof Letter From Employer Company (Passport / Bank Account / Gas )

While applying for new passport or gas connection or opening a bank account, etc or even in cases of change of addresses in the said cases, there may be a requirement for a written certificate/letter from your employer which will reflect your current address details as well as permanent residency details.

In such cases, you may request your employer to provide a letter/certificate in this regard. Please remember to make sure the address details are mentioned accurately in the letter, otherwise any mistake in it might lead to repetition of the work and loss of time, ultimately resulting in delay in getting your passport or bank account opened, etc.

Request Letter For Salary Slip (Applying For Credit Card, Bank Account Opening, Car Loan, etc)

When you are applying for a credit card to your bank or for a loan for buying a new car or for opening a new bank account, etc - most of the time you will be asked to furnish salary slips duly signed & sealed by the appropriate officer of your Company where you are working.

It is generally done to verify the latest monthly income of yours. Mostly, the salary slips are required for 3-6 months. Then you will have to request your boss/senior officer or directly write to the payroll/accounts department to issue salary slips to you for the desired period.

The following request letter template/sample will be of use to you.