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New Partner Announcement Introduction Welcome Letter Format

Whenever a new partner joins a firm (of partners), it is essential that the firm or the existing partners should introduce the new partner to all of its employees and associates and also to, if not all at least, few important business contacts viz. clients, vendors, suppliers, auditors, bankers, etc.
new associate introduction letter

The introduction letter mainly carries brief information about the new partner by way of giving a background of his previous experience, his key expertise and his current role in the firm.

It is a good practice that has been carried on for a very long time and has proven to be pretty impressive from a business point of view.

Modify the following format appropriately by addition or deletion of facts as needed to be.

(To be printed on the letterhead of the firm)

Ref: ........................
Date: ......................

(Name of the Current Partner)
(Name of the Firm)
(Tel. No. & Email id)

(Name of the Person)
(Name of the Organisation)
(Full Address)
(Tel No.)

Sub.: Introduction of New Partner

Dear Mr. .....................,

(Firm’s Name) is pleased to announce the admission of (Partner’s Name) as a partner of our firm. (Partner’s Name) joined our firm with effect from (Date). He will be primarily looking after the (briefly mention his primary role and responsibility) across the (locality/region name). He has over ___ years of experience in (type of work) during his earlier association with (Names of the Companies).

(Partner Name) is a graduate of ................. University in Masters of Business Administration. He has also done his Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from the University of ...............

With his expertise and dynamic personality, we are excited and hopeful - his association would bring success to the firm. He will touch base with you anytime soon.

Have a great day / evening!


(Name of the Current Partner)


  1. Brilliant! I am going to use this format.

  2. Useful draft. Added few more lines to use it. Format good enough.

  3. Thanks sir ji for the introduction letter template.

  4. Partner introduction through letter or even through personal meeting in the beginning stage is a very essential business conduct. It ought not to go ignored. Thanks for the sample. It seems fine.

  5. thanks very useful sir


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