Work/Job Experience Letter/Certificate From Company - Template

A 'job experience certificate' can be very useful while applying for a new job. It is always advisable to insist on to your employer for providing an experience letter (with no negative remarks as far as possible) while leaving a job.

The experience letter generally contains the information on the job details with the company viz. designation, department, tenure of job, latest salary, key responsibilities, major achievements, etc.

In general practice, most of the experience letters contain details like designation, department and tenure of job. Other details like latest salary, key responsibilities, major achievements, etc are not usually mentioned in the letters. Sometimes only those details are put in the letter, which are requested by employee.
The following sample/draft can be used for preparation of experience letter from employer.


Ref: ___________
Date: ___________


This is to certify that Mr. Qwe Zxcvb, s/o Mr. Lkj Zxcvb, resident of __________(full address) had worked in our Company i.e. Asdfghj Private Limited from 14th February, 2013 till 15th August, 2017. He was posted in the Finance Department as an Accountant. (Employee Code: 109609)

Key responsibilities handled:
( here list out the details of responsibilities )

His employment records with the company show that his CTC per month during the last month of his service was ______(amount).

During the period of association with the Company, the conduct of Mr. Qwe Zxcvb was satisfactory. He had carried out the assignments responsibly and his performance was up to the mark. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.


For ________ Limited


Authorized Signatory

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