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Request Letter to Boss/HR for Work Experience Letter/Certificate

When an employee leaves his job either because of resignation by him or termination by his employer, then it would be advisable for that employee to get an experience letter from the employer.
how to write a letter to hr manager for experience letter
An experience letter contains a very brief summary or outline of the work areas carried out by an employee on a broad level. And, sometimes it contains brief details of one or more big achievements by that employee during his association with the Company.

The experience letter will also contain details on the total time period of employment along with the overall remark or impression of the employer on the behavior and conduct of the employee.

An employee should try best to get the experience letter from the employer with polite requests, as the experience letter may be required in future for the immediate next employment or an employment afterwards.

A format of experience letter is available here - you may also check the same for reference.

You can request for the experience letter to the officer who was your immediate senior /boss in the Company or you can write to the HR department for issuing the same. You may either request it through email or through a physical letter as it suits you or as required by the Company.

The format of the communication from your side could be as follows.


Date: ................

(Name of the Officer)
(Department Name)
(Company Name)

Sub.: Request for issue of Experience certificate
Ref: Employee Code No. .................

Dear Sir,

I was working in the ..........Department of the Company as a (Designation) during (Date) to (Date). As you are aware, I had resigned on (Date) for some personal reasons. I am hereby requesting you to kindly issue an 'Experience Certificate' in my favor with regard to the work carried out by me during the period of employment.

I shall be grateful to your goodself if the letter is favorably written for the work which I had diligently performed over a period of time with dedication towards the growth of the Company. I am enclosing herewith a document wherein I have briefly outlined various areas of work performed by me during the employment. This is for your ready reference in drafting the experience letter.

Thanking you in advance in anticipation for a positive response at the earliest possible!

Yours sincerely,


(Name of the Employee)


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  2. Thanks for the format of experience letter. It was helpful in drafting.

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