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Sample Eviction Notice to Tenant to Vacate Rental Property

The rent agreement or leave & license agreement between the landlord and the tenant mostly provides for an advance notice period before leaving the property by the tenant. The intent of leaving can be either of the landlord or the tenant. Depending upon the circumstances, the tenant may serve the notice on the landlord informing his intention to leave the rental property on a certain date in the future.

sample letter notice to tenant to vacate rental property
Likewise, the landlord may also ask the tenant to vacate the property by serving an advance notice to the tenant giving the tenant sufficient time to vacate as per the agreed period of notice under the agreement. Sometimes the agreement also provides an alternative to the notice period, that is to say, instead of notice period, the tenant is asked to leave the property immediately (on a very short notice period viz. 48 hours) and the landlord pays a consideration to compensate for this short notice demand.

Format of notice from tenant to landlord to vacate the property is available here.

Format of eviction notice from the landlord to the tenant to vacate the rented property. Depending upon the situations under which the landlord is asking the tenant to leave the property, the only body of the letter can be changed, the rest are purely format oriented.


Date: ......................

(Name of the tenant)
(Full Address)
(Contact No.)

Sub.: Notice of vacating the rental property
Ref: Rental agreement dated ............... between (landlord name) and (tenant name)

Dear Mr. ..............,

I am writing to you to kindly request you to vacate the property at (address) rented to you by (date). As required under the captioned rent agreement between us, I am serving herewith .... days/months advance notice for this purpose. The rent amount for the said coming period can either be adjusted from the security deposit amount given by you and available with me or you may pay the rent amount first and after vacating the property you can collect the security deposit in full, as per your choice.

I feel sorry to ask you to leave the property but I have no other option but to do so. I have been receiving complaints from other flat members of the society and most of them are insisting on all owners of the flats to rent their property only to families having married couples, parents, kids, etc. and not to rent property specifically to the bachelors, as they tend to cause disturbances in the society.

I hope you do not take this notice disrespectfully. Trust you will understand my position. I look forward to your cooperation in this matter. I assure you if you need any help in finding a new flat - I will try best to help you out as far as possible.

Kind request to please oblige by the last date of notice, as I will be looking for new tenants soon. Let me know if you have any queries in this regard.

Have a nice day / evening!

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(Name of the Landlord)


Date: ..................

(Name of the Tenant)
Mob. ...................

Sub.: Notice to vacate rented property

Dear ..................,

I am writing to you with great disappointments and do hereby give notice to you to vacate the property rented to you at (address) by (date).

You are not paying the rent on time for most occasions, which is creating financial hurdles for me, as I have some pre-planned expenses and loans to be paid out of it. Additionally, I have received several complaints from the neighbors and society members about your behaviour with them and the noise disturbances coming from the premises. I have given you fair warning about this earlier, but you have failed to make any changes.

I am sorry to say but I have no choice but to ask you to leave the premises peacefully. I am serving herewith .... days/months advance notice for this purpose. Your security deposit amount will be refunded after adjusting any pending rent and repair expenses towards any damages to the property.

Thank you for your understanding!


(Name of the Landlord)

notice to vacate rental property to tenant


  1. Ganakala Sarusree05 August, 2018

    Thank you for the format. It was very helpful in writing the notice to my tenants.

  2. Liza Sharma17 August, 2018

    Actually I am looking for format of letter to be given to landlord sort of an advance one month notice to him about leaving the rental house. Do you have that?

  3. Thanks for letter sample.

  4. KHUBAIB MANZOOR08 October, 2018

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  11. Anonymous05 June, 2022

    Should this letter be sent in email or regular post or signed on stamp paper ? Which will be acceptable or considered later.. we dont have any rental lease but need to now give notice to vacate

    1. Ram Nayak05 June, 2022

      Better to send it by post. And also by email. Both. You may print it on stamp paper. Not compulsory though. If you want to give legal notice, please consult an advocate.

  12. Anonymous30 July, 2022

    Very helpful but incase of pendency of maintenance from first month what we can do?

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