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Sample Letter to Bank manager to Unblock your ATM Debit Card

Debit or ATM card issued by a bank to its account holders may be blocked (hot-listed) by the bank under different circumstances:

(1) Bank may block it because the account holder violated certain terms and conditions of the bank;
(2) Bank may block it if they find any suspicious transactions are being carried out with that ATM card of the account holder;
(3) Account holder may request bank to block it if he misplaces or loses it somehow or if it gets stolen from him;
(4) Account holder may request bank to block it if he gets to know that some unauthorised transactions are being carried out with his ATM card.
(5) Or for any other reasons needing the card to be block urgently to avoid any loss.

sample request letter to bank manager to unblock atm cardThe account holder has to request the bank over the phone to customer care executive or by email to them or by writing a letter to them or by visiting the bank's branch office to submit the request by filling in the bank's prescribed form.

After blocking of the ATM card, if account holder wants to reactivate the same ATM card again, then he will have to submit a request to the bank either in writing by letter or over the phone/email or by visiting the branch and submitting application form.

Template of request letter from account holder is as under.


Date: ..................

(Name of the Account holder)
(Full Postal Address)
(Contact No.)

The Manager
(Name of the Branch)
(Name of the Bank)

Sub.: Reactivate/unblock my ATM/debit card
Ref: ATM Card No. ..................

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am maintaining a savings account bearing no. ................. in your bank's .....branch at ……...... I was issued an ATM/debit card bearing no. .................

Yesterday, I had requested over the phone to your bank's customer care executive to block the card as I was unable to find it after searching all required places. But today fortunately I have found it in my office cabin.

or (you can write as below)

I understand the bank had blocked my ATM card because of some suspicious transactions. I have now confirmed that those transactions were done by a known person. Hence, there is no further thing to worry about.

Therefore, I kindly request you that the said ATM card be reactivated/unblocked so that I can start using it again. Applicable charges, if any, in this regard may be debited from my savings account no. ................

Please process my application at the earliest as I have insufficient cash with me now.

Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Account Holder)


  1. This was useful. Though I later realised I could have done over phone by calling the customer care executive. Thanks anyway!

  2. Thank you for the format


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